From a legendary analog past to today's boundless digital possibilities, 25 years professional experience as an audio engineer will give your project the technical guidence it deserves. I provide current, progressive high end solutions using the best digital applications available. My name is Doug Platt. Let's talk about your project!

Audio Engineering: Over 300 CD's later... combining analog and digital technology, I offer real-time experience. Whether recording, mixing, editing, mastering or format transfers, I'm available in my own studio or any studio of your choice.

Website Development: As an experienced web developer, I can either develop your entire site, or simplify the process allowing you to create your website on your own. Personalized web hosting on my own servers is also available. Proficient with HTML5, JavaScript, Flash, CSS, CMS, PHP, MySQL, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Note: Trending today are online free website builders. But, buyer beware. Your website will have negative restrictions everywhere. Size, bandwidth and data access will all be monitored and limited. Your domain name held hostage. Having an experienced partner to help develop your website is still the better cost-effective path. If a hands on approach is what you seek, a Content Management Systems can be installed on your behalf so you can have complete control over the design and development of your own site without having to know any code.

Graphic Design: Covering the basics, I will keep your design costs low by creating them myself. CD covers, inserts, logos, posters, business cards, stationary, flyers, both internet and print media advertising, even high resolution magazine layout..

Whether full blown production/development, or networking ongoing tasks already in progress, MMM exists to solve media concerns at any stage of your project.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.


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